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Best Contemporary Instrumental Album


A stunning collection of bluesy and jazzy instrumental tunes by guitarist/composer Grant Geissman, with special guests Joe Bonamassa, Randy Brecker, Russell Ferrante, Robben Ford, David Garfield, John Jorgenson, Tom Scott, and Josh Smith.


Veteran guitarist and composer Grant Geissman releases his 16th album, BLOOZ. Leading the way, he takes the listener on a stylistic adventure, exploring the genre in many forms. “The album is called BLOOZ because it’s my take on the blues. It’s a fairly wide interpretation, and not always traditional,” said Geissman. “It’s the album that I always wanted to make.”


The gospel oriented “Preach” (featuring Randy Brecker), the Latin-influenced, Santana-inspired “Carlos En Siete” (featuring David Garfield), the funky “Robben’s Hood” (featuring Robben Ford), the blues shuffle “This and That” (featuring Tom Scott), the mournfully bluesy “Sorry Not Sorry” (featuring Russell Ferrante), the rockabilly-styled “Whitewalls and Big Fins” (featuring John Jorgenson), and the Bo Diddley- inspired, three-guitar shootout “One G and Two J’s” (featuring Josh Smith and Joe Bonamassa) culminate in a project that might just surprise listeners who think they had a handle on Geissman both as a player and a composer.


BLOOZ track list:

1.  Preach with Randy Brecker (4:24)

2.  Side Hustle (5:41)

3.  Carlos En Siete with David Garfield (4:46)

4.  Time Enough at Last (5:09)

5.  Fat Back with Tom Scott (4:54)

6.  Rage Cage (4:10)

7.  Robben’s Hood with Robben Ford (4:49)

8.  One G and Two J’s with Josh Smith and Joe Bonamassa (5:03)

9.  Stranger Danger (5:36)

10. Whitewalls and Big Fins with John Jorgenson (4:24)

11.  This and That with Tom Scott (4:44)

12. Sorry Not Sorry (7:07)

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"I’m over the moon to get this Grammy nomination, my very first! Extra thanks to my special guests Joe Bonamassa, Randy Brecker, Russell Ferrante, Robben Ford, David Garfield, John Jorgenson, Tom Scott, and Josh Smith for their truly amazing contributions to this album."

—Grant Geissman

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“...a master of all. He can swing, he can rock and he can play the blues—
boy can he play them and play them he does, but not without adding his own,
shall we say, reimagining.”  —Bebop Spoken Here  

“Possibly the best instrumental blues album ever done.”  
—Norm Harris, Norman’s Rare Guitars


“...So well-crafted, organized, and interesting from start to finish, with Grant sounding so great throughout. Wow!”  —Randy Brecker  

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Group shot from one of the BLOOZ recording sessions

"Preach" Official Music Video 

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Grant and Norm talk BLOOZ
at Norman's Rare Guitars 

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